Grav Labs - STAX Aquilus Bong Kit 23''

This amazing modular bong kit by Grav Labs features 3 removable and interchangeable sections. The base is a beaker bottom with removable 14mm showerhead downstem that begins the diffusion. Watch your smoke travel through the coil perc for an extra level of filtration. Cool it even further in the final section with the Stax ice pinch mouthpiece. All together this monster stands 23'' inches tall and will deliver a unique and ultra smooth smoking experience. Take it apart for easy glass cleaning!

  • STAX Beaker Base 7''
  • STAX Coil Perc 7''
  • STAX Ice Pinch Mouthpiece 9''
  • 23'' Inches Tall
  • 14mm Joint
  • Showerhead Downstem
  • 34mm joint clamp (2)

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