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GRAV Helix™ 14mm, Clear Bowl

Original price $ 9.99 - Original price $ 9.99
Original price
$ 9.99
$ 9.99 - $ 9.99
Current price $ 9.99
  • 14mm female joint compatible
  • Perfect for small pipes or Helix™ pipes
  • Limited capacity for use with small water pipes
  • Affordable bowl for new smoking products
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Male joint

The GRAV Helix™ Taster® Bowl is perfect for those who want to try out a new smoking product without spending a lot of money. This affordable bowl is compatible with any 14mm female joint, making it perfect for small pipes or Helix™ pipes. The Helix™ Bowl's limited capacity is designed for use with smaller water pipes and Helix™ pipes, making it perfect for those who want to try out a new smoking product without spending a lot of money.




Small pipes

Joint Type






Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Perfect Size!

This bowl is perfect. I use it as a one hitter and it’s the perfect amount of smoke. Works well if you’re an “on the go” smoker and just want enough to keep you lifted! It also cleans very easy.

Great for tiny amounts

Being able to pack a very small bowl is great in concept, but ultimately the narrow and vertical shape makes it hard to get the flame where it needs to go. This also could really use a bowl screen, which is tricky with the non-standard size. It's possible that I'm using it wrong, but if there's a right way, it's not especially intuitive. The bowl shines with very small, non-ground pieces of herb, but it's a niche application.

Matthew L.
Nice add on

I like it. Efficient little tool that makes for a nice single use hit. If lost or broken I would get another.

Perfect size

A one hitter with a 14 mm joint :) pack it super tight and tall for a great hit

David H.
Perfect One Hitter

I've been searching for the perfect one hitter for my bongs now for years. I tried so many options from dozens of brands. I've made my own out of standard one hitters, o-rings, and hot glue.
This bowl is the first to truly fit the bill. It's perfect for personal use. With friends, we just smoke blunts, but when I'm working all day, usually on my own, I need something I can smoke with that doesn't burn through a blunt of weed every time I want a hit. I like to smoke, so this is perfect.

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