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GRAV Helix Flare Water Pipe W/ Fixed Downstem

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Introducing the GRAV Helix Flare Water Pipe W/ Fixed Downstem! This innovative new design from Grav Labs is sure to become your new favorite piece. The Helix utilizes a Venturi Chamber in which three micro-holes and directional air-intake creates the incredible Helix Swirling Action. Watch as the tornado mixes with air to create a smooth and satisfying hit. The Helix is designed with your favorite water pipe styles in mind. It is made of high quality scientific glass and measures 9 inches tall with a 4 inch width. The Helix is perfect for those who are looking for a powerful experience. So don't wait any longer, order your very own GRAV Helix Flare Water Pipe W/ Fixed Downstem today!

  • Helix Venturi Chamber
  • Flare w/Fixed Downstem
  • 14mm Joint
  • 9'' Inches Tall, 4'' Inches Width
  • Made with 60x5mm borosilicate glass

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Colby H.
Love the piece... the only

Love the piece... the only downside is the resin lips you get from hitting it. It comes with a tiny bowl, which helps with that, but who smokes small bowls? I put a bigger bowl on there so I still deal with the problem pretty consistently. A little thought about lip placement and how much you let it milk will help decrease the problem.

Mike M.
Works like a charm!

Big fan of this one. It is the perfect size for personal use. I recommend it!

Stephen D.
Very nice

It stacks so nicely that you barely know you are taking anything in. The single hit bowl is perfect too. Beutifully made, thick glass, and a large base. I went with the fixed downstem so I could easily add an ash catcher, a Grav Labs upline, and the combo is perfect. I cheat a little by adding flavoring to the water so it all tastes like apples.

Moia B.
Innovative piece, flame in your face.

This is a very beautiful and carefully crafted piece. However, the flame will be right by your eye if you're using it for flower. I have an upline 90-degree ash catcher with it, I've been playing around with different attachments (ash catchers and drop-down stems to get some space, as I said). But its really good for just using the one-hitter bowl that comes with it (which is more like a 2-hitter, especially if you use a Daisy screen with it). You won't really be able to see the swirling smoke that the ventauri chamber creates while you are using it. Dank Geek provided excellent service and would buy from them again. (personally, if this somehow had a bent neck design that would be AMAZING)

Matt W.
Nice peice

The item was nice no complaints there it took almost 2 weeks to get it tho and when I wanted to cancel was told it’s already boxed up and ready to ship 3 days later if I wanted to cancel the order for already taking so long I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken 3 days to find it and unpack it so yea

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