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Best gift I got myself for Xmas!!

I’ve wanted a piece of GRAV glass for years, even since I seen one of there pieces on YouTube and new I had to have one. Well was out shopping seen it and had to have.

Beautifully packed
Amazing quality
Hits amazing 12/10 would recommend

Supper light ( I like Mine to have some weight to them)
Gunna get dirty fast
Finally the price ( but it’s the holidays right)

Overall definitely a good buy if have the money.

Jeffrey R
Very Empressive

This bong.. err water pipe, rips!! I also added the Grav Helix to the bowl for the cool cyclone effect. Which turned out to much cooler than expected. Super clean and smooth hits. I didn't realize there's no ice catcher but the hits are smooth enough to where you don't need it. Just add cold water. Looks pretty cool sitting on the coffee table.

Chad M
Truly the empress.

This is by far the Best Bong/Pipe you will ever buy. This has become the only piece I use. I have seriously packed away all of my ash catchers, bongs and pip, they are not needed anymore. The down pipe acts as an internal ash catcher which is cool in its self, but this lady is also the absolute easiest thing to clean as well. The hits are truly smooth like the other review has stated. There is no reason to purchase anything else, it is worth every penny.

dan r
Game Changer!!

I've been consuming bongs and devices to consume cannabis now for 8 months. Tearing thru product lines looking for the bar, the best in glass as think to myself. GRAV just blows me away, over and over again. They are the Tesla of Bong Glass. At first the Empress just looked damn sexy. It was refined elegance that an engineer would simply nod to, or bow, or grovel at the very foundation of this incredible company. The Empress, .... it rips in a way I didn't think I'd experience. The vacuum effect of pull tube design is this crazy slice of harmony some one found there at Grav, and then management said, "Take a chance, but she better be beautiful..." and indeed, the Empress is the crown jewel. Cannot recommend enough.

Neal C
Empress + Phoenix + Helix = Amazing

Outstanding. Even with the Phoenix, the weight of this rig is as perfect as the fit in your hand, and the rips are legendary. And thanks to the Phoenix, the Empress stays nice and clean, even if you snap the bowl. Of course you'll need to give her a proper cleaning now and then, but hot water and dish soap with a proper brush will do wonders for this beauty. Highly recommended.

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