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Customize your water pipe with GRAV's 14mm Basin Bowl!

Introducing the GRAV 14mm Basin Bowl! This stylish bowl adds customization to your water pipe, and comes in 5 different colors in addition to clear. It fits 1⁄2 gram of flower, making it perfect for a night out with friends. The wider and more shallow bowl means you have more surface area to use fresh material, and the 14mm male joint is compatible with any 14mm female joint.

  • 14mm male joint 

  •  Stylish design adds customization to water pipe 

  •  Comes in 5 colors in addition to clear 

  •  Fits 1⁄2 gram of flower


1/2 gram

Joint Gender


Joint Size




Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Justin K
Didn't Realize What I Was Missing

I ordered this as part of an anniversary gift to myself for surviving another year. The mint green matched my bong perfectly and it is a great size for one person. I use this way more than the funnel bowl that came with it. Highly recommend!

Timothy B
Beautiful bowl, limited application.

As with everything I have received from Grav, this bowl is gorgeous and nicely made. My only gripe is that it's difficult to use with a 45' downstem. The flower tends to drop out of the bowl at the slightest bump to the piece, until a few hits are taken. I highly recommend this for a horizontal application!

Mason G
basin bowl

works great perfect size

Amanda J
My Fave

This is my favorite bowl for solo smoking, as it’s just the right size. The shallow depth and wider width allow for a larger surface area that is easy to corner, so each hit tastes fresh!

Don F
A neat bowl if...

A neat bowl if you like to “edge” and get a taste of freshness with your pleasure time.

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