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Boveda Humidity Control - 12 Pack

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Keep Your Herbs Fresh 🌿 with Boveda 12-Pack!

  • 12 piece display
  • 67 gram Humidipaks
  • Ensures 62% humidity
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Work with large containers
  • 2-way humidity control
  • FDA approved & natural materials
  • Keeps dry herbs fresh longer
  • Moderates humidity levels 📊

Keep your herbs fresh and flavorful with Boveda's 12-pack Humidity Control!

Do you have a large stash of herbs that you want to keep fresh and flavorful? Look no further than this 12 piece display of Boveda Humidity Control packs! The packs are FDA approved, biodegradable, and contain only natural ingredients. In addition, they reach the ideal humidity of 62% in up to two days and last up to 6 months before needing to be replaced. 

The packs weigh 67 grams and are ideal for 6 liter and Mega CVaults, as well as other large storage containers. If you're using a larger container or want to separate your strains in multiple jars, you'll need more packs to keep them fresh. With this 12 piece display, you'll be able to keep all your stored herbs at the perfect humidity level. 💯

Highlights: 12 piece display, 67 gram Humidipaks, Ensures 62% humidity, No harmful chemicals.





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