Black Sheep - Turbo Sandcastle Rig 11''

This dab rig by Black Sheep Glass features their signature Sandcastle design.

The Turbo Sandcastle features a 6 cut turbine disc perc, as well as a double side slitted stemline. The double cuts on the stemline helps evenly distribute the air into the disc so you get a very even and smooth experience. The Turbo disc spools the water and air up into the upper diffusion chamber creating a vortex, rapidly cooling the air.

The Sandcastle series features a large 75mm can on the bottom to hold more water. With a slimmer 50mm upper diffusion chamber to keep the volume down.This is a good hybrid piece, excellent for both tobacco and concentrates!

  • Made in California
  • 11" Height
  • 75mm Lower Diffusion Can
  • 50mm Upper Diffusion Can
  • Turbine Disc Perc
  • Stemline Perc
  • 14mm Female Joint

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