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Experience the Arctic with the Arctic Bubbler

Untamed freedom and naturality versus human creativity & Ingenuity. A difficult balance to find, but when looking to the great white north of Canada you see that this is not an impossible blend. The same inventiveness and courage it takes to create this balance of dualities can be found in the products hand crafted by Canada Puffin. Taking natural elements of their homeland and combining them with classic smoking designs, Canada Puffin breathes new life into the old, like fresh air blowing across an untouched frozen landscape.

“For an experience as cool as the Arctic.”

The Arctic Bubbler is the ultimate display piece and a symbol of Canadian heritage and pride. This hybrid water and dry pipe is handblown by expert glass makers using high grade, heat-resistant, 4mm borosilicate glass and authentic Canadian grown Maple wood, and is the perfect addition to any collection. The 9-slit showerhead percolator delivers superior filtration for a smooth smoking experience. All maple wood and glass mouthpieces are easily removable for effortless cleaning.

 Canada Puffin pieces are hand crafted from natural wood and because of this each one created will vary in size, weight, and design from from the last.  Using these natural materials and classic creation methods means that your Canada Puffin piece will be one-of-a-kind with no equal.

4.65" x 5.5" x 2.25



Borosilicate Glass

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Cloud Nine

Great!!!!! Once you get the water level right, it’s on


Me encanta como funciona

Jeff C.
Great Bubbler

Love this bubbler. Love the size, and how it feels in my hand, feels solid. Easy to clean.

Excellent piece, very well-made.

I'm super impressed with the overall design and construction of this item. As my partner put it, "It's like going from driving a clunky old truck, to a new Audi" Very smooth, quality perc/glass and wood features. I think it's also great value for the price point. The only thing that's less than awesome, is that it's not suuuper portable. Once you remove the mouth piece, it's better but to do that you have to dump the water out. So not super easy to store up-right (in a more smell-proof way) if you don't want to dump out the water each time.

Bob Kerr
Arctic bubbler

Bubbler smokes great, minor issue with non-glass parts and a disappointing response from sender. Not sure I will order again from here.

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