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AFM The Ultimate Bowl

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AFM The Ultimate Bowl is the perfect bowl for anyone who wants to upgrade their smoking experience. This bowl has a 7-hole design that allows for even smoke distribution, ensuring that your hits are powerful and full of flavor. The glass construction is durable and easy to clean, and the 14mm size is compatible with most pipes and rigs. If you're looking for a quality bowl that will take your smoking to the next level, look no further than AFM The Ultimate Bowl.

  • Available in 14mm only (18mm clear only)
  • 7 hole bowl opening
  • Clear glass 
Size: 14M
Color: Clear

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Maxim M.

Excellent bowl/slide packs well and turns and burns very well

Maxim M.

Great bowl works great in a bong or rig packs neatly and it "turns" & burns perfectly!

Pete M.

It really is that good. Thick, heavy glass. Airflow is ideal. Bowls cash down to white ash, every time. Doesn't get too hot to handle. Super easy to clean. I got 99 bowls, but this is The One. Hafta get one in lime, now...

Alex R.

This product hits cleanly and is satisfying. First had heard of AFM because a friend had used this bowl as well.

Shah R.

Got me a clear 18 works like og. Amazing airflow leaves nothing but ash, ima get me a 14 too ☠️

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