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AFM - The Triple Ripper - 21"

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AFM - The Triple Ripper - 21" A powerhouse of a pipe that is designed to take your smoking experience to the next level. With a stemless design, this pipe is easy to use and has a female joint so you can easily attach it to your favorite bong. The three percolators provide intense filtration and incredible airflow, delivering huge hits. The 8arm perc at the bottom of the pipe ensures that all of your smoke is purified before it reaches your mouth. And with an ice catcher to keep your pipe cool, you can enjoy a smooth smoke every time.

Color: Lime Green

Customer Reviews

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Carl L.
Love the triple ripper

I just got this bong and it is definitely my favorite now. I own an upside down beaker and the third arm. This is alot bigger than those two. Cleaning is a breeze and you can fill the bong straight through the top. It has the indents to hold ice also. This is an 18mm downstem so be prepared. If you want to hook your volcano up to this but don't have an 18mm adapter a short beaker downstem will work perfect to get you to 14mm.

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